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How does Waves Wellness Center develop its workshops, retreats and training's?

The majority of WWC programs come from in-house research. Our research explores current trends in the fields of holistic health & wellness, psychology, spirituality, creative expression, relationships, leadership & sustainability. In addition, we carefully read our participant feedback, both for evaluations of current trainers and for interest in new topics and services.


What kind of trainer is WWC looking for?

We are interested in and always seek:

  • the original founder of any particular discipline (if they are still living), rather than their students

  • published authors, scholars, artists and performers with established careers and reputations

  • experienced health professionals with solid links to legitimate institutions

  • bona fide spiritual teachers and healers from ancient or traditional lineages & cultures; as well as brand new modalities

  • an original idea or new theme, or a unique individual with a remarkable story

  • trainers with a marketing reach and social media presence


WWC primarily offers weekend, 5-day, & 7-day workshops.  We also hold 7-day retreats in other states and countries, as well as 1-day or 2-day events a few times a year.


If you meet the above qualifications and are interested in offering a workshop or course, it is best to review a few of our catalogs or brochures to get an idea of the kinds of topics offered before filling out the proposal below.  


I want to send a course proposal; what should I do?


Please Submit Proposal at the bottom of the page. Your training credentials and experience should be briefly summarized, and your actual proposal should be no longer than one page. Please note that no proposals will be accepted other than via this process.

In developing a proposal, consider the following:

  • Workshop/Training/Retreat title

  • What will the participants learn (subject matter, particular methods, skills, etc.)?

  • Participants bring home: New skills? Improved health? Great awareness? Deeper understanding?

  • The workshop is appropriate for: Professionals? Lay people? Beginners? Experts? All levels? Who is the intended audience?

  • Participants learn through: Hands-on experience? Group discussion? Writing? Drawing? Lecture? Any combination thereof? What percentage of the workshop is experiential or lecture?

  • What course materials (if any) will be needed?

  • Provide a history of experience of teaching a weekend or week-long workshop in a retreat setting.


Please use succinct, uncomplicated language and make sure that your name, mailing address, URL, daytime phone number and/or e-mail address are submitted. If there is interest in your proposal, a representative of the Omega programming department will contact you, possibly several months later.

Below is information regarding what to expect during the proposal process for WWC Expos, Programs and Events.

Our content team curates programming and speakers for each educational opportunity based on a combination of research, recommendations, input from advisory boards, and speaker proposals. At the end of any proposal submission window, we summon our editorial power, combined knowledge, and industry expertise to create impactful educational programming and speaking opportunities to help grow and contribute to the success of the health and wellness industry and healthy lifestyle industry.

Waves Wellness Center's primary audience consists of health conscious consumers and professionals working in wellness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle industry. This includes retailers, health practitioners, distributors/brokers, service providers, suppliers and manufacturers. We aim to provide educational content that is compelling, timely, relevant and interesting to this audience.

Please Note:
Due to the number of proposals we receive, you will only hear from our crew if we have follow-up questions or you are invited to participate in educational programming.

We select speakers/trainers and presentation ideas on a rolling basis for each event (there is no set date that you will hear from us if your idea is selected)

Proposals sent to individual emails outside of the proposal process may not be answered.

Sponsorship and underwriting of Waves Wellness Center expo's and programs does not include speakers, trainers, or presenters. Each presenter must provide their own General and Liability insurance as well as place the WWC on that insurance for the event.

Thank you for your interest in participating in WWC programs. 

PLEASE DO NOT CALL regarding the status of your proposal.

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Policy Reminders:
We reserve the right to charge for missed/late appointments. We appreciate your cooperation in changing appointments with at least 24 hours advance notice. Please call and leave a message or email as soon as possible if you're running late, or are otherwise unable to make it, so we can revise our schedules accordingly and allow clients on our waiting list to get on the schedule to fill your spot. If you do arrive late, we may not be able to provide a full session, but the full rate may be charged.

Waves Wellness Center and it's practitioners do not diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.    
​If you feel you are having a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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